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Lavender Mist


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Hydrating, refreshing and calming... Our Lavender Mist does that and more.!
Use as a facial and body mist, room freshener, nappy area (on every nappy change), insect repellent or as a linen mist.
Have all your garments, linens and drawers always smelling fresh.
Also great for keeping those moths away from your wardrobes and cupboards.
Try our Lavender Mist on your pillows and sheets before bedtime for a peaceful night sleep...
So many reasons to Spray and spray!

Tips: Spray linen mist generously to repell flies and insects while enjoying your day outdoors!

Other Mists available: Watermelon or Neroli

Ingredients: Distilled Water - Natural Alcohol - Essential oils: Lavender & Cedarwood - Food Grade Natural Colouring

Size: 125ml

Scent: Lavender + Cedarwood

Shelf Life: 24months +

Australian Made

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