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Rosehip Oil


  • Image of Rosehip Oil
  • Image of Rosehip Oil

Because of its high Vitamin A & C content and its ability to boost skin regeneration and elasticity this oil is considered an anti-aging ingredient.

Also high in GLA, an essential fatty acid which helps to combat the effects of the sun and reduce fine lines.

Other fatty acids found in high levels include Linoleic Acid (47.4%) and Linolenic Acid (33%), which help healing and regeneration, while preventing the formation of thick keloid scar tissue and are helpful in healing burns, scars and stretch marks.

Rose Geranium is known as an astringent that tightens, brightens, and removes dead skin cells. It can also be used as a soothing and antimicrobial topical agent to help treat bacterial acne. It is also used to promote emotional stability, alleviate pain, stimulate healing from burns and wounds, enhance mood, and reduce inflammation.

Size: 30ml

Scent: Rose Geranium

Shelf Life: 24 months

Ingredients: Rosa Eglanteria Seed Oil - CERTIFIED ORGANIC (Rosa Mosqueta/Rosa Rubiginosa), Rose Geramium Essential Oil

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